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The Characters

Ivy monroe

First human familiar in a millennium. Ivy is brand new to the world of the supernatural and still finding her footing.
Caring and independent, Ivy is fighting to control her new-found power.

Nate Hastings

Nate is a vampire, and the youngest child of Lord Samuel Hastings, the Earl of Warwick. Despite being the youngest, he appears as the eldest male child, and is therefore viewed as the heir to his father’s title.

Samuel Hastings

Earl of Warwick and the vampire power in London, Samuel Hastings is fiercely intelligent, protective, and always in control… that is, until he meets Ivy and realises he can’t order her around like he does vampires.

Elijah Locke

Elijah Locke is a talented witch, who has been serving the Hastings family for a long time and is introduced to Ivy in the hopes she will bind her power to him.

Luca Beaumont

Third child of Samuel Hastings, Luca never truly grew up. He is arrogant and mocking, and never appears to take anything seriously. But beneath it all, he cares very deeply for those he is close to, especially his brother, Nate.

Cecilia Webb

Turned into a vampire during World War 1, Cecilia has been a close friend to the Hastings family. She is bright and bubbly, and loves nothing more than the latest fashions… and a werewolf or too.

Madeleine Wiltshire

Madeleine is a witch. More specifically, a necromancer. She took part in the ritual that gave Ivy her power, and follows older brother Isaac’s insistence that they get Ivy away from the Hastings and onto their side.

Isaac Wiltshire

Isaac hates all vampires, and wants nothing more than to bring the Hastings family especially to their knees. If he has to do some despicable things to claim what is rightfully theirs… he will.

Jeremy (Remy) Duncan

Remy is a London Pack werewolf introduced in Book 2.