Model Stitching

Below are the designs that are available for model stitching. New designs will be added as they become available, and once a chart is out with a stitcher, it will be removed from this list.

Before you agree to provide a model stitch and make your selection of the chart, please ensure you are happy with the following requirements.

Please be aware that the pictures do not reflect the size of the pattern. All pattern sizes (in stitch count, and inches on different count fabrics) can be found on the etsy shop:

1. Stitchers are given 2 months to complete the pattern from the date of chart delivery.

2. Unless it is a specifically coloured pattern (DMC colours) then the colour of fabric and of thread are the stitcher's personal choice. As long as the stitches stand out (so, don't do light blue stitching on only slightly lighter blue fabric, for example) you can go nuts on the colour choices.

3. I do not provide fabric or threads (since I don't sell them) so it is up to you to provide those... however, you are also keeping the end product.

4. Photos: I require a number of finished project pictures. Photos must look professional and one must be of the entire design taken in landscape. The preview pictures of the shop listings are landscape, so I must have a complete design picture that will fit this. This either means, you must frame your finished project and set it up for a landscape picture, or have enough fabric to cover the entire design in a landscape shot. I will not accept frayed fabric edges in pictures. 
You also need to provide a couple of pictures from different angles, and one or two of the stitching close up.
If you're curious about what I mean, check out this one for some great pictures.
Patience and Witnesses

5. Model Stitchers are provided with 2 free 'reward' charts once acceptable photos have been delivered.
The free charts at the end are completely your choice. I only ask that you don't pick the combo listings (the listing for all the GOT house motto charts, for example.) These choices can be made after stitching is complete, in case I put up something you absolutely love in the meantime.

6. I love WIP photos that I can share on Social Media. These are not a requirement, but if you feel like sharing your stitching, please do tag me so I can reblog/share. You can share by tagging me in the following places:
Tumblr: @CircusStitches
Instagram: @CircusChele
Facebook: The group -

7. Once one stitch is complete, if you'd like to pick another to do, then just give me a shout, and we can organise another, and the whole process begins again.



Creepy Cocktails Set

The following are a set, available to be purchased together or individually. Due to the size of each pattern (between 30 and 60 stitches wide, and between 30 and 80 stitches tall) I still need to give them out individually. However, please be aware that these patterns come with very specific requirements.

1. Must be stitched on 25 count fabric with 1 over 1 crosses.
2. Must be stitched on plain fabric. This fabric can be any colour, but it must be a single colour. No multi-coloured hand-dyed fabric. (If unsure, please check with me before selecting fabric and beginning stitching.)
3. No colour substitutions. All stitching must be done in the DMC colours listed.
4. Must be photographed in a wooden framing hoop.
5. At least 1 photograph must be on a plain pale surface with nothing else in shot. Whether you hang it on a white wall, or have a pale table/counter to photograph on, doesn't matter, as long as the stitch is the only thing in shot, and it has a pale, solid colour background.

These requirements are due to the fact that each photo will be merged into a single image of the set, therefore they need to be framed, stitched, and displayed in a similar manner.