I started out by writing Harry Potter fan fiction, some of which is available online to this day. When I started writing original fiction, I gravitated mostly towards fantasy. After all, that was where most of my experience was.

It wasn't until 2011, just starting a new job, living away from home for the first time since University, that I had a different idea, an idea with an alien invasion. I played around with this idea for almost a year via play by post RPG before I decided that I wanted to try my hand again at novels... this time, in Sci-Fi. And so, the Out of Orbit series was born.

The Out of Orbit series follows Georgianna Lennox, a Veniche medic on the occupied planet of Os-Veruh as she joins the rebellion to liberate her homeland.

After the Adveni invasion a decade earlier, the Veniche people have been oppressed and victimised, used as slaves for the technologically advanced Adveni. Georgianna has been working as a medic, helping those she can, even within the Adveni prison compound, Lyndbury, where people are said to be Buryd Alive, since they will never be freed.

What starts as a mission to help a friend sees Georgianna join the revolution, gaining the attention of a cruel Commander of the Adveni's most lethal soldiers.

Georgianna can give up for her own safety, or she can fight... and people have always called Georgianna too stubborn to know what's good for her.

Thomas Trent wakes up in a basement to a body hanging from the ceiling.

Told that he's turning into a vampire, and that he can either drink or die, Thomas drinks, and joins the world of the vampires, which is slightly more complicated than paranormal fiction had led him to believe.

For starters, he needs to quit his job as a medical intern, and get a nighttime job, like Spencer, his new mentor. Spencer has been tasked with teaching him how to be a vampire.

But Spencer has problems of his own, with a questionable relationship and lies about who they are and who else is out there. And nothing involving matters of the heart... or neck...ever goes to plan.

But one thing is clear, Thomas is about to find out exactly what goes bump in the night.

Hadley Tack has been longing for a little magic in her life. When Le Cirque Navire shows up on law abiding Corapolvo, she thinks she might have found it.

Or has the magic found her?

Lachlan Tack has been fighting to ensure his record is spotless. One night at the Cirque could be his ticket to a promotion, and a perfect reputation.

Everyone has a reason for going to the circus, but some people have to fight for their reason to leave, and Hadley and Lachlan are about to find out that once you step in, you might never fully leave it behind.