The Pandemic Phase

Like many people, 2020 and 2021 kicked me in the ass. With both Teeth and Out of Orbit complete, I intended to move on to completing Le Cirque Navire series. Unfortunately, it just didn't happen. My writing fell to just about nothing. I was still plotting and playing with ideas, but I just couldn't get through a first draft, and certainly not to a quality I was happy with to send to an editor.


In November 2021, I attended 20Booksto50k Las Vegas conference. I could probably write for another 50k about how much I loved this conference, but I won't. Just know that I came away full of new motivation and a clear path forwards.

Update on 13th October 2022.
My current word count is 258,846 words written.

500k in 365 days

Yes, I'm planning on writing 500,000 words during 2022. The actual writing is not going as well as I intended, but I'm still trying, and I did take some great strides forwards in publishing one of the books I'd written in the first months of the year.

Le Cirque Navire

I have the 2 remaining books in Le Cirque Navire series, and I plan on allocating at least 200k of my target on getting this series finished. Once complete, I will be sending the entire series for a rebranding with a new cover, new blurb, and I will give the entire series the release it deserves. Depending on timing, I can't promise that this will be in 2022, but I will have at least drafted the second two books. I will keep you updated.

Hallowed Ground

Since finishing the Teeth series, I've found myself more and more drawn to Urban Fantasy. I'd played around with an idea, and the first book in the Hallowed Ground series was first up on my 500k challenge. I expect that the majority of this challenge will be spent with Hallowed Ground, and the characters I am already in love with.

Book 1, From Death to Dawn, is already on sale. Book 2 has been drafted in full. And I'm working on Book 3, which has been fully plotted, and now just needs to be written.