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Strange powers. Mysterious creatures. Necromancers with a deadly vendetta. Can she survive the world she’s entered?

Ivy Monroe is content working behind the scenes in theatre bookings. But strange things are happening around her, and the interest of the handsome Nate Hastings puts Ivy in the spotlight.

Able to draw power from death, Ivy is the first human familiar in a millennium. She must bind her power with a witch. But Ivy has accidentally bound herself to Nate, a vampire, and she refuses to give him up.

When vengeful necromancers claim Ivy’s power belongs to them, she is thrust into a vendetta that will lead to bloodshed before dawn.

The wrong alliance could be deadly. Ivy must not only fight to gain control of her unruly magic, but for control of her fate.

Can she escape a dangerous destiny before she’s sent to her doom?