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A wrong step could destroy those she loves.
A false alliance could rip her apart.
Can she trust strangers with her life?

Ivy Monroe thought her new life as a Familiar was perfect. Then she learns her vampire boyfriend, Nate, has been taken captive by the mysterious Scientist of the supernatural elite, and her life is in danger.

Sent into hiding and uncertain who she can trust, Ivy must focus her powers and uncover the identity of the Scientist before Nate is lost for good.

But with no experience in fighting, and nowhere to turn, Ivy must decide whether to go it alone, or to ally with a former foe against this new, sinister threat.

If she fails, she’ll never see Nate again. If she’s found, she will live the rest of her life being studied and exploited for her power.

Can she escape being torn apart by enemies, or is the real danger closer than she realises?