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She was trying to protect a friend.
She sparked a revolution.

Georgianna knows just how ruthless the Adveni are. Patching up their victims since the invasion, she learned to keep her head down and stay focused on her work. She’s lost too many friends to their oppressive rule. She knows what happens when you attract their attention.

But having a pass into the infamous Lyndbury Compound doesn’t come free. Delivering a message to one of the ‘buryd’ inmates, Georgianna discovers that a childhood friend has been sold as a slave, and has taken important information that could help the rebel forces.

A daring escape is the only option. Georgianna’s plan to save her friend sparks the rebels into action, catching the attention of one of the most ruthless Adveni there is. Georgianna must withstand the Lightning Commander before the sparks of the revolution bring them all down in flames.