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Coming Projects

Waiting for a specific project from Chele? Here is where you can find the latest updates on where each project sits in the timeline, and where they are in production.

Hallowed Ground Book II

From Power to Post, the sequel to From Death to Dawn was released into the wilds of Amazon on 24th August 2023.

Things will be heating up for Ivy. Some much-loved characters from book 1 will be returning, and we’ll be introduced to new friends, new enemies, and some that we’re not so sure where they stand.

Review copies are still available, so get in touch via social media if you’re interested.

Hallowed Ground Book III

The third book in the series is currently being written, and should expect a release in 2024.

If you’re interested in getting an early look, watch this space for updates.

Teeth Series

The Teeth series is currently being revamped (that pun was too good to resist.)

This is being done a step at a time, so while all the eBooks have their new covers, the print editions remain on the originals as I finish the re-writes and know the new length of the books. Spine width is important, especially to a vampire.