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They need blood to survive.
Blood could destroy them all.

Spencer has been missing for three months. After disappearing with the telepath and werewolf whelp, his blood-fuelled binge has left a trail of bodies in its wake. And now, it has returned home.

Chasing Spencer has run August into the ground. The werewolves are running out of patience, and deadly attacks are getting closer to home. When a plan to turn Vince into a wolf becomes more than a fantasy, August believes it could be the answer to all their problems. If they can just separate Vince from Spencer and convince him to help them.

But Vince is hiding dark secrets of his own. As the pack rejoices in his return, Edeline’s warnings are ignored as she pleads that they not unleash the feral beast Vince will become. In giving him the blood he has craved for so long, they have created a monster.

Blood is the only thing on his mind, and if left unchecked, he will destroy all of them to get it.