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escaping reality by
any means necessary.

Chele (pronounced Shell) Cooke is a British Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction author living in London, UK.

No more 3rd person. I like it in books, not in bios.

The first thing you should know about me – besides the fact I’m an author, which you probably already guessed if you’re on this website – is that I am an unrepentant geek. I love books, movies, theatre, video games, and crafts.

I started writing as a teenager, mostly fanfiction, and moved into original fiction before completing my degree in creative writing. My first novel, Dead and Buried, was released in 2013 and since then I have released 10 novels and a short-story collection.

I actually started out writing Fantasy and Women’s fiction. Lots of romantic comedy type fiction. It wasn’t until I had this odd idea about an alien invasion that I moved into Science Fiction, and oddly, I never looked back. I found it fitted me better.

And then Vampires came along and completely screwed everything! (As vampires often do.)

These days, I actually write more Urban Fantasy than Science Fiction. I constantly have about 5 different stories fighting for space inside my head. I am the worst procrastinator, always jumping between projects and ideas. So, if you suddenly see me talking about Greek Gods as vampires, werewolves, and witches, don’t be surprised.

I’ve been cross stitching about as long as I’ve been writing, and if I’m not working on my next book, I’m often stitching. But even stitching, most of my projects revolve around words. I love stitching quotes from things I love.

Whenever we’re talking about books, movies, theatre, even games, it’s all about story for me. If whatever I’m watching/playing/reading doesn’t have a good story, I’m out. It’s why I hate reality TV, because it’s all plotless drama. I need a good background story to enjoy a game (I don’t like racing or sports games.) I need a plot, I need a story, I need… something wonderful.

I suppose it’s why I started writing…

And I bet you thought we wouldn’t get back to the writing from here, did you?