Have you been looking for your next book series to get obsessed over? Well, look no further.

While working to finish the Teeth and Out of Orbit series, I have also been quietly working on more ideas of what to release next. I have more than a dozen novel ideas, with at least half of them plotted out completely (I have a Game of Thrones notebook with scene by scene plots written out... and yes, I find it funny that it's Game of Thrones.) But the two above are the ones that have won the battle for what is coming next.

One Paranormal, and one Sci-Fi Fantasy, these series' will capture your heart, before grabbing you by the hand and dragging you through mystery, action, a fantastical circus, and straight down into Hell.

Le Cirque Navire

Give yourself to the circus—and the circus will take it all.

Aboard the big top, enchantment paints an enticing picture of decadence and desire--but the pull of the circus is no dreamscape, and for Hadley and Lachlan Tack the nightmare is only beginning. For in a world where one’s weaknesses is another’s power source, the reality of addiction, longing, and hope feed a world as sinister as it is dazzling.

Le Cirque Navire serves as the backdrop of whimsical escape and repurpose for Hadley and her brother, but they soon find that the gifts of the circus come at a steep price. Trapped between duty and family, love and power, truth and secrets, Hadley, Lachlan, and Jack Western navigate the circus’ dark shadows with a careful step.

For something is devouring the circus members from within--and it may already be too late to stop it. With a terrible gift bestowed upon her, Hadley must balance the uncertainty of the future with the weight of their present predicament. For who can be trusted in an arena that glorifies illusion?

‘Le Cirque Navire’ is the first novel in a trilogy exploring themes of desire, addiction, and loss, showing that even though they are wrapped in bright colours, some circuses are the darkest places you can imagine.

Hounded by Hell

When Hell has broken loose--the protector must become their saviour.

Through generations of witchcraft, magic, and sorcery, the seven covens have stood united under the watchful eye of their protector:the Vicindis. A great honour but a terribly dangerous one, the Vicindis is anointed with an incredible magic to wield in the covens’ defence.

For Nora Cole, this is not only her greatest dream but her ultimate destiny. However, before she can become a Vicindis she must complete three unique trials, all without magic. While no easy feat, Nora is ready to take on the trials and claim her destiny--until an attractive stranger reveals that she is in great danger. The other Vicindis is missing--and more yet--the Hell Hounds have been released.

With no magic and only the aid of this mysterious Soul Reaper from hell, Nora initially writes off his warnings as a trick. Nothing can stand in her way of becoming the next Vicindis.

That is, of course, until the murders begin...