Have you been looking for your next book series to get obsessed over? Well, look no further.

While working to finish the Teeth and Out of Orbit series, I have also been quietly working on more ideas of what to release next. I have more than a dozen novel ideas, with at least half of them plotted out completely (I have a Game of Thrones notebook with scene by scene plots written out... and yes, I find it funny that it's Game of Thrones.) But the one above is the one that has won the battle for what is coming next.

South of Sunrise is the first book in the vampire story of a larger universe. Bloodlust City will follow various characters through exciting stories, while remaining interlinked with other series within the universe. You will see vampires showing up to discuss spells with the witches, and wolves making deals with demons. There's even an assassin or two sneaking around from book to book.

South of Sunrise

Taking the crown was tough. Keeping it will be murder.

From the moment of his death, Tobias Kavanagh was destined for a crown. Coming from a long line of important vampires, it is his death right to rule the vampires in the city. But politics was never of any interest to Tobias. He’d rather chop off heads than kiss boots.

These days, it seems like every race in the city is angry with him for something. The supernatural council is furious that a witch was turned into a vampire. The wolves are attempting a power grab that would put the vampires on a leash. And if that weren’t enough of a mess, a hexed crate has shown up on his doorstep.

Told that he is the only one who can break the hex, Tobias must discover who sent this mysterious delivery and what will happen when the hex is broken. He must squash the wolves plan to overthrow the council, and take the reins of the city before his kingdom—and his afterlife—crashes down around him.