Give yourself to the circus—and the circus will take it all

Aboard the big top, enchantment paints an enticing picture of decadence and desire—but the pull of the circus is no dreamscape, and for Hadley and Lachlan Tack the nightmare is only beginning. For in a world where one’s weaknesses is another’s power source, the reality of addiction, longing, and hope feed a world as sinister as it is dazzling.

Le Cirque Navire serves as the backdrop of whimsical escape and repurpose for Hadley and her brother, but they soon find that the gifts of the circus come at a steep price. Trapped between duty and family, love and power, truth and secrets, Hadley, Lachlan, and Jack Western navigate the circus’ dark shadows with a careful step.

For something is devouring the circus members from within—and it may already be too late to stop it. With a terrible gift bestowed upon her, Hadley must balance the uncertainty of the future with the weight of their present predicament. For who can be trusted in an arena that glorifies illusion?

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