“We cannot be merely carnivores. We must be cannibals.”

Medical student Thomas wakes up in a blood-drenched basement room, with no memory of how or why he got there.

Spencer has the answers, and now he must train Thomas to follow the rules of being a vampire – under the watchful gaze of his own mentor.

But how will Thomas practice medicine when the smell of blood turns him into a vicious killer?

Can Spencer teach Thomas to master his new powers, before he’s turned from predator into prey?


Teeth: The First Bite is the first book in the Teeth series.

Praise for Teeth: The First Bite


“This was a fun, quick read, and a good start to what I think will be a great series.” – Emma at Star Crossed Reviews

“Her characters are unique and brilliant and I really enjoyed getting to know them.” – Kate at Gap Year Goddess

“Move over fluffy vamps who sparkle, step back dark denizens of the night, Chele Cooke is out to make her “mark” in the paranormal world with Teeth.” – Dii at Tome Tender

“Not your typical vampire story, Teeth is a refreshing, and terrifying, change of pace in the vampire world. Definitely recommend if you’re into paranormal fiction.” – Heather at Heather Reviews

“Wow! I love a good vampire book but Chele Cooke took the whole idea of vampires and their world to another level! I really enjoyed Teeth so much!” – Michelle at Tales of Yesterday

“All in all I really enjoyed Teeth, that shows with how quick I read it. I will be picking up the rest of the series because I need to know what happens.” – Ashley at Hyper Ashley

“The characters are well thought out, the imagery is vivid, somethimes ghastly (certain characters spring to mind) and the jokes are spot on…” – Hellvis at Hellvis Compendium

“I thoroughly enjoyed Teeth and will definitely read the next book, Meat. I’m looking forward to learning a lot more about the great vampire characters that we’re introduced to in this book.” – Fi at Booksih Outsider

“I loved the dynamics of this book, it has all the usual things a vampire book has but with a twist.” – Jo at Comet Babe Books

Teeth is such an addictive read! It’s full of action, violence and excitement. Everything you could possibly want from a vampire novel.” – Nicole at The Bibliophile Chronicles