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“You ready to break out of the cage, little bird?”

Georgianna Lennox has been released by her keeper Edtroka, who has sided with the Cahlven, a technologically advanced race exiled from her home planet hundreds of years earlier.

When Edtroka disappears, Georgianna and a group of rebel friends are forced to embark on a dangerous scouting mission behind enemy lines.

As the Cahlven’s true intentions become clear, Georgianna and the rebels hatch an audacious plan to turn the Adveni’s most powerful weapon against them — at a terrible cost.


Rack and Ruin is the third book in the Out of Orbit series.

Praise for Rack and Ruin

“This series is the one to read right now- brilliantly written and congratulations to Chele Cooke for making me enjoy the dystopian/sci-fi genre again once more from producing an original plot!” – Emma at Emma’s Bookery

“Count on Chele Cooke to bring every scene to its full glory, ever battle to its horrendous life as you feel the sweat, smell the blood and know your own heart is racing! Chele Cooke has brought home another amazing read with a strong voice and an equally strong stroke of her pen.” – Dii at Tome Tender