"We feed because we must, but there is a thrill in the hunt."

For Carson, family is all. The three nights a month when he returns to his wolf-pack is the only time he can truly be himself.

But as the group gather, they find that the rules to their century-long game have changed.

Now, everyone is playing dirty and before the sun rises, the hunters may find themselves the hunted.


Meat: The Second Serving is the second book in the Teeth series.

Praise for Meat: The Second Serving



“With a unique voice in the world of Urban Fantasy, Chele Cooke is a magnetic author who knows how to weave a dark web that ensnares her readers from start to finish!” – Dii at Tome Tender

“I gotta say that I love this series because its vampires and werewolves actually cruelly hunt, play with, and kill humans. They're not there to fall in love with them. Can't wait to read book three!” – Ricardo

“Either way, I was really excited during the read, amused by the dialog between the characters- one of my favorite things about this- and I definitely will be looking forward to the next.” – Tiff