About Chele Cooke

Chele Cooke is a Science Fiction and Fantasy author living in London, UK. Currently working as a Residence Assistant, Chele writes in her spare time and has written six books in the last three years, four or which have been published.

Growing up in Warwickshire, Chele didn't begin writing until her teenage years. Living in San Francisco at the time, she fell in love with the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling and began writing fanfiction within that universe.

By the time Chele returned to England, she was writing original fiction which would become the foundation for the fiction she would begin publishing in 2013.


Published Fiction

Described as gritty, emotional, and heavily character based, Chele has two series of fiction currently being published. The Out of Orbit series is a dystopian science fiction story following Georgianna as she joins with a revolution against the invaders of her planet. The first three books in the series, Dead and Buryd, Fight or Flight, and Rack and Ruin, are currently on sale with one book left to conclude the series. There will also be a series of short stories told from other character perspectives that link into the series. Teeth is a set of paranormal thrillers. With a unique and sometimes gruesome spin, Teeth: The First Bite follows a group of vampires as they manage their afterlife and uncover new problems. The second book in the series, Meat: The Second Serving, will be published in 2016, with at least one more book in the series to be written.

You can find out more about Chele's novels in the books section.

Coming Soon

While Chele is mainly working on the Out of Orbit and Teeth series, she also has a number of ideas for new stories slowly being created. Most of these works fall under the Science Fiction bracket, but each has a unique twist which will be woven in throughout the story.

Le Cirque Navire is a science fiction trilogy with supernatural elements. It follows the story of an illegal circus' arrival on the planet Corapolvo and the destruction it leaves in its wake.

Fever Rig is a post apocalyptic tale set after a biological attack spreads into the general population. It follows Cooper after his job as a paramedic turns into a daily routine of clearing away dead bodies, and accidentally stumbles onto the cause of their situation.

Currently unnamed, Chele is writing a science fiction film noir that follows Dean Deacon, a mob hit man, after he gets caught up in a rivalry between two mob bosses.


These are only three of the ideas Chele has in mind for the future. There are half a dozen more, and it seems that every month, she has a new idea that needs to be written down and stored for later.



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