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Part time author and full time fantasist, Chele is a Science-Fiction and Fantasy writer living in London, UK.

Lover of all things fiction, she enjoys books, movies, television shows, and the theatre, and has done from a young age. She started writing at 14, but good luck trying to see those stories.

Chele constantly works on a number of projects to keep up with her different interests, as well as procrastinating in a wonderful fashion. If you head on over to the blog, you will not only see lots of posts about writing and publishing, but also some hints of cross stitch, knitting, drawing, and the occasional cute dog pic.

You can read more about Chele on the about page.


I'm currently working on a number of projects.

Teeth book III

Out of Orbit Book IV

Hounded by Hell
A Paranormal Adventure

Meat Cover

Latest Release

“We feed because we must, but there is a thrill in the hunt.”

For Carson, family is all. The three nights a month when he returns to his wolf-pack is the only time he can truly be himself.

But as the group gather, they find that the rules to their century-long game have changed.

Now, everyone is playing dirty and before the sun rises, the hunters may find themselves the hunted.

MEAT: THE SECOND SERVING is the second book in the TEETH series

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