Hello, and welcome! I'm Chele (short for Michele) Cooke. I'm a Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal author in the UK. My imagination ricochets around the SFF genre and so my books do too, always finding something interesting or funny to consider (what do modern vampires think of Paranormal fiction? for example) What you can be sure of, though, is that whichever book of mine you pick up, you'll get a great story, some 'just one more chapter' nights, and characters you really connect with, pulling for them to get through whatever horrors I've subjected them to.

So, have a look around, get to know me and my books, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Writing in Science Fiction and Fantasy, I have three series of books currently on sale. My stories are often gritty, sometimes funny, and always driven by strong, complicated characters.

The Out of Orbit Series is a dystopian sci-fi story of rebellion against the invading Adveni, set on a planet where the weather is as dangerous as your enemies.

The Teeth series is a set of paranormal thrillers. Often unexpected and occasionally gory, it follows a group of vampires living in the modern world.

Le Cirque Navire is the first in a science fiction/fantasy series about a gifted circus, where your fortune might be your downfall, and your fate, your death sentence.

I'm constantly working on a number of projects, giving the ones I'm stuck on time to percolate like a really decent cup of coffee...

Jumping between Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal stories allows me to explore whichever section of my imagination is most in focus that day. Some days, you just really have to write about vampires, others... invading aliens. I also have practically completed books that are chomping to get out of their computer files and into reader hands. I've tied them up in the back of the closet until I'm ready to release them.


A Memory of Reality
Le Cirque Navire Book 2
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